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September 2007


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Sep. 25th, 2007



i know its been a long time since i have posted a entry but i have been soo busy i was working overnights and between getting adjusted to being a mom and now a wife! omg its sooo much to handle. but now i am adjusted and i quit working b/c (1) i wasn't being treated fairly (2) it was overnight!! (3) my house was a wreck all the time! so back to being a stay at home mom which kinda stinks because i was liking the interaction with other people besides my husband (Richie) and the baby who as much as you talk to her she DOESN'T talk back! :)

anyway BrittneyLee is 7 months (TODAY!) and she is starting to crawl, she sits up wonderfully, she loves applesauce and SHE DOESN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! i dont know why i have her on a schedule, bath every other night, same time to sleep every night sometimes i let her cry and sometimes i give her the bottle to go to sleep. now she wakes up screaming and crying... she never has been like that. i dont know what to do the doctor says that theres nothing wrong but i dont know.

richie and i though are doing okay... we are having  some small problems with communicating. i think we just wait too long to tell each other if theres a problem then we blow up at eachother. now we are talkin more than before and getting along better too. he's helping more with the baby so that i can get a break .. something he wasnt doing. for some reason he thinks that its the moms job to take care of everything with the baby and he just goes to work. thats it!  i enlightened him though that thats not the way is works. :) lol

anyways the cat's still here too so is his dumb ass father. so that my update and i am going to try to keep them up!

bye everyone!

Dec. 27th, 2006


Friends Only

please note that from now on my journal will be FRIENDS ONLY

I am 19 years old, just married, and i am looking for friends that are pregnant or have babies.

i am nice and lead a crazy life. if you would like to be my friend please just ask and most likely i will add you....